Convert Subdomain CNAME Setup to Subdomain Full Setup

I am planning on Migrating our main Domain from another DNS tool to Cloudflare. But being the main domain we have a very complex setup of subdomains pointing to a CNAME Setup in a vendor owned Cloudflare among other things. My question would be how to migrate the main domain and all the subdomains with CNAME Setup with the least downtime/disruption possible. Do I:

  1. Migrate the Main Org to Cloudflare and then create the subdomains in a Full Setup from vendor Cloudflare Accout to our Cloudflare Account. Or
  2. Migrate the Subdomain CNAME Setup from the Vendor Account to our Account. Then on a later date migrate the main domain then convert the subdomain from CNAME Setup to Full Setup.

Any suggestion or insight is appreciated. Thanks!

I am not experienced so much and as far as I understand, you have a CNAME type record and want it to be A type record?
Or, I maybe misunderstand the part “subdomain CNAME to subdomain Full”.

Keep in mind the SSL settings when doing so.

Hopefully, you would not get into the issue of this below:

I assume, if the domain(s) are at Cloudflare, you can setup multi-account and add a sub-account to manage them, if needed.

I believe if using BIND, you can import a text file to Cloudflare DNS dashboard so you can easily do it (instead of clicking).

Alternatively way would be go programmatically through the Cloudflare API as detailed on the link below:

Thanks for your reply @fritex. Our Primary Domain currently has its Authoritative DNS elsewhere and its using Akamai as CDN for the website. While the subdomain website is in a CNAME Setup to a vendor Cloudflare account (primarily to use Cloudflare CDN and manage it independently from the primary domain) with other 2 subdomains in the same setup.

So its very complex from my point of view and wanted to reach out if anyone has done this kind of migration setup to get suggestions on how to make it less complex by migrating the subdomains first retaining CNAME Setup from Primary Domain or just do a one time big time migration.

Off the top of my head, I don’t see how.

DNS for the domain is managed by the partner, so Cloudflare’s DNS page is inactive. Then you can’t delegate the subdomain to your Cloudflare account because of the inactive DNS.

To handle what you’re trying to undertake, I suggest you create a BIND file with all the DNS records. This should at least let you populate your DNS page as soon as it becomes available. Unless you just want to finger-type in a mad scramble to populate your DNS page as fast as humanly possible. It would be nice if your current DNS would let you export all your records as a BIND file, making the entire process that much easier.

My reasoning is that these are all just DNS records. The main domain has its direct set, which I don’t think you’re changing, and the subdomains are just CNAMEs that point elsewhere. It’s just a bunch of DNS records.

There will be some DNS holdover from the old setup during propagation, but it should be a pretty seamless transition.

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Thanks for your reply @sdayman. So far we have successfully migrated a UltraDNS + Cloudflare CNAME Setup of the Main Domain to a pure Cloudflare Full Setup Zone.

I think for my scenario above do have the option to either migrate the main domain along with all the sub-domains that are in a Cloudflare CNAME Setup (hosted in different vendors) to our own Cloudflare account.

Anyways, thanks for everyone’s input.

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