Convert full setup to partial setup

I have a domain on Cloudflare that is currently on a full setup. For reasons that are not technical, I need to change nameservers back from Cloudflare to the original authoritative nameservers. I would then like to set up the domain with a partial setup so that I can use the original nameservers but still benefit from Cloudflare CDN distribution. I have a business plan.

I can find instructions on how to convert a partial setup to a full setup, but not the reverse. How should I do this?

Many thanks.

There should be a link in the lower right corner of the Overview page for your Business Plan domain:

Thank you. I've found that. It advises to switch my nameservers away from Cloudflare and then click the 'Convert button'. I've upgraded to the business plan so that I can use a partial setup, keeping the original name servers but I still want to distribute my domain using the Cloudflare CDN. I would also like to distribute various subdomains etc as well. I can see references to the subdomains but will I also be able to distribute the TLD as well?

If your current DNS provider will let you CNAME or ALIAS away your apex domain record, then you can.

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