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Just spoke with “someone” from Cloudflare. I tried to explain current outages that were caused by Cloudflare. They sounded so annoyed that they had to help a customer and tried to rush me off the phone. They never listened to my problem they just kept saying, “gotchya, gotchya” like they understood and then would just throw a Cloudflare URL at me that was supposed to help. Once they finally did listen and understood that I was a customer they threw another URL at me over the phone and then hung up. Just poor handling of everything. Based on this interaction, I would not recommend Cloudflare to anyone.

Hi @bbua,

I’m assuming you are on an Enterprise plan, as that’s the only way to get technical support by phone for emergencies.

Have you talked to your account team about the issues you are having?


Hi @bbua I don’t see any indication of a conversation with Support, I suspect you may have reached a sales line, do you recall the urls they mentioned?

Also, any details you can share on the outage you mentioned? I see some dns issues from a few days ago and a notice about appstore maintenance today on


Hi cloonan,
They kept telling me to go to The issue has been resolved now but seems like there was an IP address change over the weekend which caused a number of problems for us. Some of our whitelist rules seem to have been negated with the IP change and internal users at the Bank could no longer get to our website. My biggest concern is that I see no notification of an IP change.

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I’m sorry to hear that the change in Cloudflare’s IP address for your site caused issues. Cloudflare offers static IP addresses (as a paid option) on our Enterprise plans along with an option to bring your own IP address range. Otherwise it is possible and not uncommon for IP addresses to change for a number of reasons as part of DDoS mitigation and/ or system balancing strategies.

If you wish to monitor for and update internal access rules for a change to the IP addresses associated with an account a cron job or other script to lookup the current values and compare can alert operators to changes in the public facing IP address.


Thanks for the advice. I know I can run a cron job or schedule a task to check for IP address changes. I wasn’t sure if Cloudflare provided some notification before those IP addresses changed so that we can proactively prepare for an changed IP. Is it an automated process on your end? The other issue where we lost some of our whitelisted rules in the WAF is still a mystery though. Can the rules be added using IP address and when it changed we lost those specific rules?

It does not. There are automated processes which can result in IP address changes, along with customer initiated functions which can potentially result in IP address changes.

I’m not sure what this means. If you believe a rule was modified or deleted you might review the audit log.

Reading through the support ticket there’s really not much more in terms of context or color. It is unclear from the ticket that the initial concern was that a Cloudflare IP address changed.

An IP address changed for the [redacted] website and this caused outages at the [redacted].

Like the support agent absent any additional information I would have interpreted this as an issue with your origin server IP changing and the response regarding monitoring the origin and HA strategies seems like an appropriate one. That access to a website is restricted to its current IP address (while not unheard of) is not a particularly common use pattern.

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