Control Session length with Argo Tunnel?

How can you control session length with argo tunnels & access?

I have an argo tunnel defined for an SSH connection with a basic config:

no-tls-verify: true
hostname: my-hostname
url: ssh://localhost:22

I’m able to connect to it from my client via:
/usr/local/bin/cloudflared access ssh --hostname

I also have an access policy defined for my hostname. If I set the session timeout to 15 minutes, and If I make a new ssh connection I am forced to reauthenticate. But as far as my existing connection, I do not get kicked off after 15 mins. Similarly… If I “Revoke Existing Tokens”, my connection doesn’t drop.

Is there a default time-limit that argo sessions can stay open with SSH/RDP/TCP based connections?

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