Control panel domain name management is inconvenient to read

Control panel domain name management is inconvenient to read
I have to manage hundreds of domain names, and I feel distressed every time I select a domain name from the drop-down menu.
The domain name management drop-down window can only display 10 domain names per page. And you can’t choose the number of pages, you can only click the next page or the previous page.
It is recommended to add optional page number function
It is recommended to control the selection function of displaying the number of domain names.

The domain registration page is also very inconvenient
It can’t clearly show which domain names I have stored in CF, nor can you visually see the validity period of these domain names, nor can you visually see the functions of domain name management.
I think the interface for domain management should be a standalone interface, at least it should be as professional as the management system of other domain name service providers.

:wave: @Brooklyn,

Have you tried using the search/filter function and simply typed in the name of the domain you want to access in the dropdown? If you’re managing hundreds of domains is there a reason you don’t do that via API or a tool like Terraform?


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There may be alternatives, but the fundamental problem cannot always be solved.
I think the interface should be clearer and more intuitive.
After all, we need to manage convenience, which helps to improve work efficiency.
The API is only suitable for professional users, and it is not convenient for ordinary users.