Control of Cache

Hello, I’m starter with cloudfare services.

My ask to get some tips of how cn I set Cache Handling.

I have a site that run Woocommerce with dibamically description derived from custom fields created with Toolset plugin.

When I select developer mode in cloudfare (so I dont use cloudfare cache) the all work fine.

When I’m using cluodfare with full cache dinamically data are not exposed and the description use the firs data available for all products.

If somebody waht to check the site is, the problem can be checked on the product in following category:
you will see description the same for all product.

So question is that I need some tips to how set the cache handling to get dinamically data avaiable.

Thanks for help in advance.


I do see that quite a few of them have the same description when you hover the mouse over it. The page is not cached by Cloudflare, so it might not be the cache.

I suggest you go to Speed -> Optimization and disable Auto Minify for everything to see if that fixes it.

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