Contract renewal

Hi! I´ve got a question regarding a enterprise contract which last 12 months. How much time in advance could you renew the contract? I don’t have an enterprise plan but would be interested to know. When would be the earliest renewal time?

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I believe the standard contract is 12 months but you can do a longer one. Best to contact sales for the specific terms and conditions.

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Hi, know that its 12 months long but would like to know how much time in advance you can renew the contract.

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12 months is the minimum I believe, but if you want a 36 month contract I am sure they can do that as well. For specific terms regarding renewals you’d need to speak to their sales team.

— OG

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I understand. I am not asking to know how long the contract periods are. Just wanted to know how much time before the ending of the 12 month contract you can renew your contract. Did you understand my question?

Hi @stephi,

As this is to do with an Enterprise account, the terms of such are often negotiable and I would recommend you contact sales about this. I don’t think you will get a definite answer here on the community.


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