Continuous iframe crashes suspectedly on older browser

hi, i’ve stumbled upon this issue where the turnstile iframe keep crashing (presumably probably because of memory issue? im still not sure since there’s no error message available) and basically just blocked me from accessing the website.

as you might read on the title, i suspected this issue to be caused because of out of update browser, could be a memory leak that did not get patched on the version of the browser i was using yada yada yada.

for disclosure im still using win7 with brave using chromium 109 as my daily driver, however as i tested it with firefox 115.0.1 the issue doesn’t seems to have occurred, even when i purposely doing something to lagged out the browser hoping to be able to reproduce the error… yet, when i test it on other chromium browsers, like edge and chrome, the issue still occurred which convince me that it could be issue for older chromium version.

im still not sure.

also image for reference:


Any update on this issue…I am using latest chrome and I am seeing the same error. And there are not add-ons/extensions in the browser

this is legit a torture

Hi everyone!..
:slightly_smiling_face: Possible good news: today (Sep 10, 2023), after more than one month (between 40 and 50 days), I was finally able to visit and enter on websites with Cloudflare’s captcha, without any problem. I will keep my eyes open and report back here in case this issue comes back (and I will post the ‘positive news’ on Twitter in a few days, after being 100% sure this was solved). I’ve registered here especially to comment on this.