Continuous Error with Custom Domain Configuration


I’m experiencing an issue with setting up a custom domain on Cloudflare. After configuring my custom domain , it shows as ‘Inactive (Error)’. I’ve tried various configurations, including setting up a CNAME record and separate A and AAAA records, but the problem persists. I’ve allowed time for DNS propagation, but the domain remains inactive. Could someone provide guidance on resolving this issue?

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What’s the domain name?

The domain name is and the pages url is

The website is visible on the pages url so the build was succesfull and no issues there. Only when I tried to configure my cname to A and AAAA records for ipv4 and ipv6 it is possible something went wrong? Eitherway both solutions did not work to resolve the domain properly

Ow side note when I try the configuration the DNS with A and AAAA records I get the error : CNAME records required (or similar I forgot exactly) with the custom domain setup.

Thanks for mentioning Cloudflare Pages. That provided much needed context not present in the original post.

Your domain uses Cloudflare DNS. This means that your DNS records for your custom hostnames will be created automatically. Start by removing any of the names you wish to use with your Cloudflare Pages from your Cloudflare DNS. Once that is done you can add the desired names from the Cloudflare Pages settings.

I have just manually deleted all DNS records (including the CAA records this time) and the CNAME records that were automatically generated. Additionally, I have also deleted the custom subdomain. However, when I attempt to create a new custom domain, I still encounter the ‘inactive’ error

Here the DNS settings after trying to setup the custom domain again and get the errror as mentioned earlier

All my certificat records are gone and not generated again when setting up an new custom domain (extra problem in my basket)

It is loading fine for me using your domain name.

Yes I see it though the error message at the custom domain settings remains inactive (error) and when I check the dns propogation in whatsmydns it is not propogated anywhere.

Also I dont get all my certificate records back and dont know how to do this?

Your DNS query is for the wrong record type. Proxied :orange: CNAMEs are published as synthetic A and AAAA records using the Cloudflare proxy IPs. Switch to an A or AAAA query and you will see that it resolves.

Additionaly, it is not possible to use a CNAME for the apex name. Cloudflare works around that by using CNAME flattening, so even an unproxied CNAME at the apex will not be published as a CNAME.

I deleted the CNAME record and replaced it with the A and AAAA records as suggested but it does not resolve anymore site is not visible with these settings. Are my settings correct (maybe wrong ip adresses?) where can I find the correct IP if this is the case? See my current settings in the image.
Ow and much appreciated you help me out with this issue man!

That was not anything that I suggested. I told you that you should not be looking for a CNAME in your What’s My DNS tool query.

You need to delete any records that you created and stick with the ones that are created by the Cloudflare Pages custom names settings.

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Ah ok yes read all back and got it wrong. I restored the cname again and the site is visilble. Many thanks for your input regarding this.

I will make a rule to resolve the www also. Is this the correct way to do this?

Anyways, again thanks for your support. Much appreciated!



You can add the www as a custom name the same way, although it is more common to pick one of those two names to be the canonical name and redirect the other one to it.

Thanks again mate. I learned something more today! Have a great day!

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