Continuos appears: Checking your browser before accessing

I set Cloudflare in Under Attack, I never was appears this but, I am 5 minutes in Checking your browser before accessing…
I view how the Ray ID change every some seconds, the load of my server is not very high, but other times, with this load (about 4 or 5) can access to site.
For what occours this and or how solved this?

Thanks and regards.

What is the name of the domain? I am not exactly sure I understand what you’re asking but what you describe sounds like how under attack mode operates, it presents the user with an interstitial page while it determines whether to block or allow a visitor. But that is within 5 seconds, not 5 minutes.

This has happened to others because of a browser plugin.

Yes, I read about this and read about plugins, I try with all my browsers (firefox, chrome, edge, opera and vivaldi) and with all.
Finally, I try to disable Under Attack mode, and re enable and was fixed the issue.
And yes, cloonan, was in loopback de page of under attack, I now are 5 seconds but yesterday, when I type this posts, impossible access to the site for this loopback.
I’m under attack since 3 or 4 days, the mode under attack work fine but in the lasts hours I have a server load high in the server.

Thanks and regards.

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