Continuation of not able to upgrade

I opened up a thread on this before but after the first response it was closed. I am not able to upgrade 1 of 2 sites that we tried to upgrade. After your response in my last thread they did in fact respond in short time but what happened is they just pointed out how it worked on the one domain that worked. We tried to upgrade and did upgrade successfully. I responded to the ticket with this information on Friday May 31st which is now 5 days ago and they haven’t responded yet. What happens is I can upgrade and it appears to succeed but within an hour (usually less) it reverts back to free without charging our paypal account.

The ticket is 3272454.

Hi, your ticket has been attended by the one of our support representative, and they will assist you with your request. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

That was 11 days ago.