Contents served by DNS only host are still cached

The proxy status of our host for has already been set to dns only.
But contents from that host can still hit cache. What’s the reason for that?

exe files from are still cached.

DNS Propagation is on a best-effort basis - once you toggle the proxy button, other DNS recursive resolvers will need to get the latest information about the DNS record that you made the change. While most of the time the propagation can be done within few minutes, some DNS resolvers might have a very slow update on the DNS record changes especially DNS resolvers provided by the ISP.

There could be someone who uses a DNS resolver which has a slow update time - thus they could still be connected to Cloudflare IP address instead of your server IP address.

Another possibility is that the user forces himself to connect to the Cloudflare IP address while accessing your website, effectively ignoring the DNS query process, but this is very unlikely to happen unless the user is a highly-skilled person.

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