Contents not loading


Mine website url approved today by cloudflare but not mine website’s contents/images not loading and gmetrix page load time 5.7 s from 1.6 s

Plz help

Seems to load fine for me. About two seconds with content cached.

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Images not loading on mobile at all !

That must be an issue of your site however. You need to debug your site for that.

Could be a JavaScript issue. I get three “jQuery is not defined” errors when loading your site via a mobile layout. The only possible Cloudflare connection could be Rocket Loader. Try to disable it (if it is enabled) and check whether that fixes anything. If it does not, it really is an issue with your site.

All website broken, this happened after cloudflare approved.

You’ll need to debug your site. The issue is not Cloudflare related.

How to debug?

Classic web debugging, in your browser. You might want to ask for further help on StackExchange or ask your web developer.

You must have made some change which increased your JavaScript errors as it shows quite a few more today than yesterday.

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