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w.r.t Content Type Empty how I further analyze than the data shown under Caching? And can we do anything about cache status None since that is second in list under content type Empty.

Check the status codes. Most of the time “empty” content type is from 301/302 redirection because it doesn’t need any response body - just need “Location” header.

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Thanks Eric, had checked those and I see


What do I conclude from that and does that indicate we need to take any steps to reduce those numbers?

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That’s for a week.

HTTP 304 and 499 are also contributing to Empty content type with below reasons:

  1. HTTP 304 is basically telling the user agents (browsers) that the assets stored in the CDN or server is basically unchanged, so there’s no need to retransmit back the same piece of content back to the browser - which consumes bandwidth. Instead, browsers can just reuse the cache stored in the browser to display the content to the user. In this case, since the HTTP 304 response doesn’t transmit any content back to the browser, this also means that there will be no response body and leading to “Empty” content type.

  2. HTTP 499 (Client Closed Request), as the name suggests, the client closed the request before the server even starts responding back to the client. In this case, no response body transmitted back to the client = Empty content.

Anyway, it’s strange that you have a high number of HTTP 499.


Thanks again. Yes will need to find out about those 499 responses. How can I decide whether I need to check at our server’s end or at Cloudflare to search for the source of these responses?

You have access to Web Analytics right?

Can you filter for 499 and then see what are the top URL paths returning 499?

Yes have access to Web Analytics and can see top 5 paths returning 499.


Again this is for a week.

Looks like that URL path is for authentication purpose. You might need to further investigate if this is coming from legitimate visitors or just bots trying to crawl this path.

Sometimes HTTP 499 can occur if your server takes too long to respond but the client chooses to close the connection after some time (e.g. 30 seconds).

Thanks Eric. Initial look at the bots traffic doesn’t show up that path so most likely its not bots. Will see if its due to server taking too long to respond.

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