Content on the dev domain and custom domain are not the same


I’ve just discovered your services Pages & Workers to build Jamstack apps. I’ve created my first app, add a custom domain but i face an issue:

So, on Pages, when I commit a new change of my static files (HTML, CSS, JS), build run and deploy with no particular issue. But i sometimes notice the content i can see on the dev domain is not the same as on my custom domain.

The workaround i find is the following (since i suspect is cache related): Clear my device cache (mobile, pc) > make a complete purge in the “purge” settings on my site setting page.

Can you help me? is a bit annoying :confused:

Have a nice day!

It’s supposed to purge the edge cache when you deploy. If you give it 5 minutes, does the new content eventually show up?

Thanks for your reply!

Yeah, i’ve read about that, is there a way to automate cache purge? I never asked myself this question since I’ve not confronted the issue on Netlify :confused:

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