Content-Length 100 GiB (107374182400 bytes) restriction

I have an application which sets Content-Length: 18446744073709551615 (ULONGLONG_MAX) on POST request. However, Cloudflare seem to have limit for Content-Length to 107374182400 (100 GiB) globally, it applies even for itself.

The application is proprietary and can’t be modified unfortunately. Is there anything which could be done in this case?

Are you saying you want to transfer 16 exabyte? I hardly believe Cloudflare will be happy with that.

If that’s not the case, then your application is severely broken and should be fixed. If you say you can’t do that, you can only fix this on the client side. For example, you could tunnel the requests through a local proxy which sets a proper value.

I guess Cloudflare deployed this on every site by security reasons. And talking to their sale dept to customize an Enterprise plan may solve this.

I doubt an Enterprise plan will fix this, apart from the fact that it is not reasonable to send 16 exabytes over HTTP.

The application will simply send an invalid value and that’s something the application needs to fix, not Cloudflare.

Plus, the OP will hardly shell out a four digit amount every month only to send an improper content length.

The thing is, 16EB is only the limit of the OP’s app, not the size of files they’re sending. So maybe they only wants to send 101GiB. And I do believe with the internet infrastructure of AS13335, they can transfer 100+GiB of data.
However, I think it’s better to send file by sending disks instead of using internet even when the file size is only at 100GiB, let alone 16EB. Lol.

Not really, the OP specifies that he is going to send 16 exabytes and that won’t work.

So again, he is most likely using an invalid value here and that needs to be fixed by the application, not Cloudflare.

My bad. I agree that sending data this large over HTTP isn’t reasonable, though.
If the OP really has data of this amount, I mean, they would be able to send the data by themself.

I guess the OP is using the Content-Length header as a limitation, causing this issue.

Yeah, as I mentioned, the OP is using the header incorrectly and needs to fix this on the client side, nothing Cloudflare can fix here.

Eh, sales was probably right and the ENT plan would resolve /mask the problem. Should the software be fixed? Sure, but like most problems… they can often be solved by throwing $ at them.

Again, I doubt the OP will opt for that route for aforementioned reason.

Plus, I would not guarantee that the request will properly work on the proxies, considering the whole request will be invalid.

And yes, the request will not even make it to the origin, unless the magic Enterprise plan switches everything completely to streaming.

No offence, but suggesting a multi-thousand dollar plan to fix an obviously broken client application, really is not all too helpful.

As mentioned a couple of times, the OP should either fix the application or use a local proxy which fixes the request. But that’s of course already somewhat off-topic for the forum.

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