Content is blocked from being posted online


Cloudflare has been set up in quite a hurry. Almost everything works so far, except some content can’t be posted online, like some twitter content, or some pictures that can’t be uploaded in articles.

Any idea of the managements rules needed to avoid that ?


What error are you getting?

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It’s a “you have been blocked” page from Cloudflare.

Then it’s probably something to do with firewall rules! Please contact the site owner to allow your IP, ASN, browser, or whatever was blocked!

Can you share a screenshot of the error?

I have the Ray ID too at the bottom, but i don’t know where search this.

Let the site owner you were blocked!

I am the site owner.

The problem is all the redaction needs to be able to post content. And as IP are not fixed it will be quite hard to autorise all of them.

On the Firewall tab of your Cloudflare dashboard you will see what rule triggered the block, using the Ray ID to search if you need to. You will need to adjust the rules for the path to stop the WAF triggering on your CMS.

Thanks for the tips, i was not aware of that.

I’ve tried a lot of combinations, and even to autorise everything based on my IP, but i’m still blocked from posting content.

I can see me allowed in the list, but just before i’m blocked for HTML and script injection.

There is no way to tell the firewall that one IP is authorized for everything ?

Ok i finally managed to make it work by modifying the XSS HTLM injection rule managed by Cloudflare to lauch a JS challenge instead of blocking, and lowering the OWASP threshold for an other one.

Still need to find why some mails and FTP is not working.

All DNS records associated with email and FTP must be :grey:. Cloudflare will not proxy those protocols. Looks for records with names like smtp, pop, imap, ftp, mail etc. and ensure they are set to DNS Only :grey:.

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