Content in the Website dissapears

I contacted the hosting company and they said it is a DNS problem.

Check below.

I see that your domain redirects to HTTPS. Was your site using HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

I also see you’re using Autoptimize, which creates unique serial numbers for the CSS file.

  1. Try putting your site into Development Mode from the Overview page of
  2. If that works, you may have to do less with Autoptimize, like turn off some of the CSS features (combine files, maybe…it’s been a while since I’ve looked at Autoptimize)

Este dominio nao tem registro de DNS - como voce esta accessando este dominio?

Eu suspeito que seu conteudo era HTTP e agora e’ HTTPS - o navegador nao carregara qualquer arquivo que nao seja explicitamente HTTPS - verifique o HTML para ter certeza que o CSS nao esta sendo referenciado com “http”.

This domain doesn’t resolve - how are you accessing it?

I suspect your content was originally served as http and now you have moved to http. Browsers won’t load any resource that is referred as http - please check your HTML to make sure the CSS is not prefixed with “http:” to avoid mixed content (which looks like what’s happening).

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