Content Download is Slow

I’ve tested that my site is having slower response with Cloudfare is enabled.
Below are the test result:
With Cloudfare:

Without Cloudfare:

Any idea how to fix this issue?

That doesn’t look like an equivalent test. Without Cloudflare, there’s no HTTPS, but with Cloudflare, there is.

Try a “Without Cloudflare” test with an HTTPS URL and see how they compare.


I do another time for the test without cloudfare and with https:

With Cloudfare:

Without Cloudfare:

The page loading speed (without CF enabled) is still 10x faster than CF enabled

Can you show us the speed settings that you have? I think that if the DOM issue is fixed, then the benchmarks would be in favor of CF.

Without Cloudflare:

With Cloudflare:

Taking a blind guess, Rocket Loader could cause the error. Do you have it enabled?


I’m using a free version of CF, therefore i have limited Speed settings.

Anyhow, i have only Brotli enabled.
**ignore the Auto Minify changes, it was disabled all the time.

Rocket Loader was not in used.

The issue mentioned in this topic has been fixed within 36 hours without doing anything.

High possibility it was caused by CF’s CDN, due to I’m using free version, therefore no technical support is given.

Thank you all for your replies and this case is closed.

Sean Lee
Webacode Sdn Bhd

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