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Sites in the following domains managed by your company are infringing copyright.

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I want the domain management company to deal with it.

This is an act in violation of "Digital Millennium Copyright Act "

There are plural corresponding pages.” and “
I posted the contents of the site without permission.
The publication of the above content is a copyright violation.

Below is the page of the violation広瀬あや-鳴海千秋-chiaki-narumi-aya-hirose/新村あかり-akari-niimura-2/香苗レノン-renon-kanae-2/早乙女らぶ-love-saotome-2/川菜美鈴-misuzu-kawana/桐嶋ひな-hina-kirishima/朝長ゆき-yuki-tomonaga/君色華奈-kana-kimiiro/

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