Content Change on WordPress Website

If I change content on my website that is using CloudFlare will affect the site instantly or the system will take time to get effect when people browse the website? I changing something on my website’s themes folder, but no effect yet. What is the actual scenario here? Thanks

Try a “Purge Cache (Everything)” from the Overview or Cache settings page.

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Cloudflare caches your content for a period of time (based on your cache-control response headers and page rules configuration).

And yes, follow @sdayman instructions to purge the cache.

It depends on your settings. @sdayman has the right brute force answer. Change a logo? Purge by URL. Change a thee? Maybe pure globally. Maybe purge by URL or cache tag or it depends on your update scheme, load and devops methodology.

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Purged, cleared, even used VPN to check network cache. But still, the change didn’t effect yet!

Then it’s not likely due to Cloudflare. What’s the domain?

This is domain:

There’s definitely a server cache, but it’s not showing that it’s caching content, even though it says it should.

What’s a specific resource you changed in your themes folder?

I changed some URL from http:// to https:// (for mixed content issue).

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