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Hi just started my home trial. I can’t seem to find the section that I can select what categories I like to block. Like gun,drugs,porn etc. I recall seeing it online when I was reviewing home Dns filtering services. I seem to come across sites I can manually block. Any help would be appreciated.

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The screenshot you’ve shared is of Geekflare. Are you looking out there or in Cloudflare?

This is managed in the Cloudflare Zero Trust dashboard:

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Hi. It was a screen shot yes. Basically from a site reviewing different services. I was just trying to find it in the dashboard. I’m still not seeing it. I suppose I should not try to set it up from my mobile phone but rather on my Mac.

Effectively i would like to see these different categories in addition add a few of my own o want to blow . Especially apples private relay domains. Unless Cloudflare has another way. I’m coming from open Dns. I since canceled the services for a few issues.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. This dashboard and services is way powerful than open Dns.

If that’s for your application, web or home network, you can achieve that through Cloudflare Zero Trust as mentioned by @cscharff . You can check the above link as well. You can filter & do more stuff:

Hope that suites your needs

This is for my home network which I already setup as Gateway/source IPv4 address from modem, and set as default location with EDNS . I am just trying to find the chart to check un-check different categories to block. I don’t see it?>

I think that doesn’t work like that.

The UI on Cloudflare was changed over a year ago. The linked tutorials are the path for setting category blocks now.

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Hello, So I am trying to block the below on my network, Did I do it right? How long does it take to work?

Is that in CF zero trust?

Not long. As immediate as possible provided cache files are cleared.

Yes it is

@richsark Great! Good to Go.

That rule won’t work. It is a series of AND conditions which can’t be true.

‘Is in’ perhaps as an operator.

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