Contain or equal?

Hi, everyone.

I want to challenge Should I choose referer contains or equals

I do not need to add “known bots off”, right?

A referrer (with a hostname) will always be a proper URL. So, in this case you would have to use contains, unless you specify an exact URL, where eq will work as well.

Known bots shouldn’t matter in this context, but if you want to play it safe you can certainly add that expression to your rule as well.

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Thank you. If I want to add knownbots off, should I choose "“and” or “or” knowbots off?

And of course.

Thanks. I forget to ask if I create a rule to challenge referer that contains, then won’t be challenged?

Not if you use Known Bots.

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Thank you. Only one “and” and others should be all “or”, correct?

I’d recommend precedence of Logical Operators for that.

I can’t handle this. Do the rules I created in Post 7 work?

What is unclear about the article?

As for the rule, it won’t work as the flag will only apply to Yahoo.

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I really don’t know this stuff.

Does the rule work now?

Time to learn :wink:

Probably, I’d simply try it. But it’s really best to learn about it and understand what you are doing.

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