Contacts form missing after enabling cache all


I decided I would create some custom cache all page rules for the static pages on my blog only.

One of these pages was the conacts page. I am using the free forminator plugin for that.

I noticed after I created a page rule for this specific “contact page” it made the contact form go missing from this page. So right way I removed the cache all page rule for this page and the two other static pages I created the cache all page rule for. However, after removing these cache all rules my contact form has not come back.

I have purged cloud and local caches to no avail. I am unable to view the contact form still.

Could any possible issues have raised from me using a shortcode for my contact form in my contact us page as adding a cache all rule for that page specifically ?

After trying to revese this. Could maybe the cache just be taking longer than expected to purge?