Contacting the new owners of a domain that was previously owned

The website for a domain that my organization previously owned is apparently cached on Cloudflare. We would like to contact the site owner to discuss purchasing the domain and/or decomissioning the website since it contains outdated information.

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Cloudflare does not have the ability to contact the new owners of a domain on your behalf. However, you can use WHOIS lookup tools available online to find the contact information of the domain owner. Alternatively, you can reach out to the domain registrar for assistance since they might have the contact information for the current owner. Any site content, including outdated information, is under the control of the site owner. You can discuss decommissioning the site or purchasing the domain directly with them.

I expected that much. Unfortunately, we’ve had no luck with either direct contact via WHOIS information or indirect contact through the registrar.

“We” caused the problem by not maintaining the old domain registration. Now I’m trying to figure out how to kill the cached copy on Cloudflare.

Any ideas welcome.

If it is your copyrighted material, have you filed a DMCA takedown request yet?

Thank you for this suggestion. I don’t think this option was previously considered. It seems promising.


Thanks for the recommendation. The content has all been removed.


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