Contacting Support Team Re: Name Server Change

Where did you take this screenshot from? The DNS setup is correct but you havent configured any records. You still need to do that.

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They were shown under the DNS tab.

Which DNS tab? The one on Cloudflare? Post a screenshot of your DNS section on Cloudflare.

Yes, Cloudflare. My previous registrar told me yesterday that he updated the name servers. I got the authorisation code from him, which I entered in the Cloudflare site. I’ve done everything I’ve been asked to do. I haven’t received any instructions about configuring records.

This screenshot does not look like from Cloudflare. Can you post a full screenshot of your DNS section.

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Your previous A record pointed to 95.x.x.x.x at Rackspace. You’ll need to go to > Domain > DNS and recreate all your DNS records.

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It wasn’t a screenshot. I copied/pasted the text. I don’t know how to upload a screenshot here.

You need the DNS records. You dont have them in place currently and as long as that is the case it cannot work.

Thanks. Where do I get the records and how do I recreate them?

That should have come from your hosting & email providers but some historical records can be found here.

Thanks. Email is working fine as we haven’t changed providers. Are there no Cloudflare instructions for updating DNS records? From the link you sent, the IP address is or was, but I don’t know what to do with that information.

Here’s a screen shot - after I’ve added the two new name servers in the ‘NS’ field and the most recent IP address in the ‘A’ field.

the A record needs to be @ or the domain (not the IP) and points 95.x.x.x and remove those two NS records

Removed the two NS records and changed A to and For some reason it just shows www for the former. It wouldn’t let me point to 95.x.x.x as that’s apparently not a valid IPv4 address…

Any ideas on what I should do next? The website is still down, so the above changes haven’t solved the problem.

Appears up to me

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It’s up and running now. You may need to clear your web browser cache if you don’t see it.


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Fur future reference, check out the Tutorials category :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks everyone. All sorted as of Friday afternoon. It wouldn’t let me reply then, as I had reached my daily limit for number of messages sent.

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