Contacting Owner of malfunctioning website

Hi, there is inaccurate information on the website musicianfinder, which “whois” says cloudflare is hosting. I cannot login to my account on that website because it is malfunctional/contact forms don’t work anymore, and can’t seem to find their right contact through cloudflare. I am wondering if anyone has dealt with something like this before, whether this is something cloudflare is willing to update on their end so website users can again use a website properly again? Thanks for your help.

This is not something Cloudflare can help with. Cloudflare doesn’t host websites.

If the contact form doesn’t work I suggest trying the social media accounts listed on the site (though they haven’t post on FB for two years.)

The Affiliate Partners page does list an email address


I appreciate the help. Godaddy directed me to Cloudflare saying Cloudflare hosted - I actually just reached out to any emails I could get ahold of on their socials. Most of them are inactive so I think most abandoned ship. Wondering if google might do anything about this? Thanks again.

What would you expect Google to do?

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