Contacting customer support

I just need a very basic question answering and cannot seem to ask anyone at Cloudflare for some help and advice.

Do they have an email to ask a question?

If you are on the Free plan then you can only get ticketed support for Account or Billing issues. Pro and above additionally has ticketed technical support and Business has Live Chat.

If you are on free and have a technical issue then a new topic here is the place to get support.

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Thank you so much for your reply.

So, basically if you are on the free you cannot get any help :sob: maybe i should of brought my domains from someone else.

I just need to know how i point my domain names to another hosting company. Do i set it to DNS only?

When i put the @ sign in for the Name section, it just brings up my domain name. is this ok for the root?

Thank you

You can, here.

Replies are generally faster here than support anyway.

Generally you ask them for a list of the required DNS records and manually add those at Cloudflare. I’d start with DNS Only, make sure everything is working as expected with your site and then enable the proxy if you want.

Yes, @ is shorthand for the root domain, that’s correct behaviour.


You are an absolute legend and thank you for replying and helping me…

Very new to this and learning as i go.

Thank you


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