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Hello.I’m japanese,so I’m not sure if I can use the proper words in English(><).But,I write hard in English.
Actually,I want to get in touch with the publisher of a certain site,but I could not find site address.I have one thing to understand.The site have a contact for Cloud Flare.And so I have a question.
Can I make contact through Cloud Flare?
I would be grateful if you could reply in simple English as much as possible.

Cloudflare can not share customer contact information.

A domain WHOIS record should have an email address for a domain’s contacts.

You can research that at

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Thank you for your reply😭!Actually,I have already tried it.But,I could not find site address.So,I decided to give up.

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Sorry!I have a last question! Does it cost money to ask questions in this community? I’m worried because it’s my first time using this feature.If you don’t mind,please tell me.

No, the community is free.


I really appreciate it😭! I was relieved to hear that.

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