COntact suppot / Do you support Round Robin entry

I am presently down, just moved to Cloudflare

  1. DO you support Round Robin DNS ? most of my entry use ROund Robin DNS
  2. How to open a ticket and pay without going with 200$ / month business package

My entries were all *.domain WIldCard DNS and not working anymore

so my customer could point to anything : Example someting . domain were working it’s not working anymore

how to fix ?

What is the domain?

lastspam com

those are not working anymore

the resolve to some IP that are not mine and

They resolve…

dig +short

…but they are proxied and so are not covered by the Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate since they are a second level subdomain.

You can either set to “DNS only” to bypass the proxy, or use Cloudflare’s Advanced Certificate Manager.

Yes this is what I though a few seconds ago… those it mean those IP (proxied) would still relay to the right one ?? Will need to read about it… TKS… I am currently modify it / not sure yet it fixed it… Will get back to you… MUCH MUCH appreciated

They will, but if you are using HTTPS, you need to note what I said about the certificate (the little red triangles in your screenshot are probably giving the same warning).

You can switch to “DNS only” (will need to be set for all A/AAAA records) to check everything is working normally (this will just be using Cloudflare for DNS) before going back to “proxied”.

OMG you have no ideas how stressed I was…

I am not using those entries for WEB but for DNS MX / meaning people were pointing to :
those whatevertheywant dot filter2 dot domain dot com

my entries A records were *(wildcard) dot filter2 dot domain dot com (same entry several time, different ip)

So it was used only for eMail.

NOw I am trying to figure out what happened while they were PROXIED… Not sure…

I continue understanding what happenned while " PROXIED" and will read carefull your replies… but PROXY was my issue

If these are for mail, not http, then they must be set to “DNS only”.

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it’s weird, tests I sent while proxied, did not bounced…

Neither arrived at destination for now…

Trying to find out what happened during that period

Since the proxy does not handle mail, the sending mail servers would have failed to connect to anything on those IP addresses and will retry to send the mail after a time interval once the TTL expires and the hostnames resolve to your IP addresses.

Are your Cloudflare support (am new here) or some customer who likes helping separateness people ?
Your last reply, I will celebrate it !
In fact I telnet the weird IP port 25 and it’s not answering… So you are 400% right and my stress is coming down now…


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yes eMail are coming in now… (sending server are doing what they do, they are retrying )
I didn’t noticed when it imported my zone, it defaulted them to PROXY !!!
I learned the hard way but as eMail, in the way it works, is " resilient (if no response, it retries) I was saved from my stupid mistake

Tks " Some customer " LOL You saved my day… to be honnest, when I noticed the PROXY checkBox (at the same time you replied lOL and confirmed this was the problem… I was turning it off when I saw your reply, without know for sure it was it…


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