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I can’t log on to my panel for 4 years and opened a ticket by email (with email reminder). I didn’t receive any news. This point is really critical.
Do you know if there is other way to contact support please ?
Thanks of your help


Four years! Years?

Which panel? The one on Cloudflare? I presume you did try resetting your password. What error do you get?

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Sorry 4 days

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I broke my phone and I have a 2FA authentification.
I ask for sending me a new QR Code.


So your issue is that your account is 2FA protected and you lost that code? Do you have the backup codes? If not -> 2FA, Lost phone and backup code

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It’s what I did 4 days ago. I’m still waiting for feedback.


Responses for free plans take more time, though four days is a bit longish.

You did send an email from the address associated with your account?


Did you get a Ticket # in a reply email?


is suppose there not phone support or other way to reach them ?


You did send an email from the address associated with your account?


Share the ticket number here.

And no, I am afraid there is no phone support. Email only.


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Hi @tozmachine, thank you & sorry for the frustration. I see your tickets and merged them into 1655089.

Item 6 in this tip outlines some detail you’ll need to collect for when support replies, Community Tip - Best Practices For Setting up and Using Two-factor authentication. I’ll cc myself on the ticket to keep tabs on progress. Again, sorry for the issue.


Thanks Cloonan

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