Contact Page Getting a 409 Conflict Error. How to fix?

Hey there,

I was running through my ahrefs site report this morning and it appears my contact page (Contact – Ben Pages) is returning a 409 conflict error.

After a little digging, it seems this is a server issue. Any idea if I can fix it on my own? As you might have guessed, I have little technical knowledge.



Hi Ben,

Have you been able to reproduce the issue? The page loads fine on my end and I was able to submit the form without issues:

Do you know if the error comes from Cloudflare or your server? Cloudflare returns 409 Conflict when it runs into a DNS resolution error which can happen for several reasons. If it’s your origin server returning the error, I’d recommend you take a look at your webserver logs :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Albert, thank you for looking into this. I have received your form submission.

The page loads fine on my end too, but then why does ahrefs identifies it as a 409?

The second half of your response is a bit technical for me, and I’m not sure I understand. Mind clarifying what I should look at to figure out where the issue is coming from? I use Wordpress btw.

@user10438 I found a solution for this, just refer to this official doc from fox at ahref

Does Ahrefs show any additional information about the 409 Conflict response? Do any other pages return that status code?

Cloudflare returns 403 or 503 on challenge/block pages afaik, not 409 Conflict.

:expressionless:, It’s probably server error

No, that is the only page that returns this error. Here’s all the info ahrefs provides:

I saw this thread before, and shared it with Bluehost (my host), who said to check with Cloudflare. So I’m going in circles here. Concretely, how can I fix it?

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One thing you can do is test this by duplicating the page content at the URL /contact/ to a url that does not include contact (like /test/) and see if Ahref still reports it as a 409.

If it does, I suggest getting in touch with your host as this is a server generated error.

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I don’t see the error (and yes, I just sent an email from the page). Instead, this is what I see

So I don’t know why you are getting a 409 “Conflict” error but as you can see I’m not! So this might be an issue on your end and not the website itself (or the error might be occurring in certain areas or regions only!)

I think that everyone in blue host go through this issue

Webserver logs are at your host. Most hosts let you look at the Access and Error logs. It’s possible the 409 is in a log you don’t have access to.

If you can figure out what time Ahrefs tried that link, it’s easy to skim through the logs for that timestamp. Or maybe search for “409” (without the quotes) in the log files.

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This is great, guys. Thanks to all of you for clarifying. I’ll get in touch with Bluehost and post the resolution once I figure it out. Cheers.

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