Contact form stops working with SSL

I am using Weebly and Cloudflare on the site
All worked perfectly but to make the site marked as secure, I enabled SSL on Cloudflare. So the change was from HTTP to HTTPS. Now, none of my forms work on my site. I got this response by Weebly support:

"I wanted to follow up after our chat. I was able to test and confirm that the issue with contact forms not giving a confirmation message is due to using Cloudflare for your DNS. Generally, we advise against using Cloudflare / proxy servers with Weebly sites as issues like this can occur. As we confirmed on the chat, the contact forms do get submitted. It just looks like the visitor doesn’t get a confirmation message.

The suggestion for a solution would be to just point your DNS to us without using cloudflare".

Weebly comes with SSL so I can be protected from them. Does any of you have experience with how to fix the forms? Or should I try to remove Cloudflare? Any tips or information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.


Simon Wakéus

Are you saying your site does not work on HTTPS? If so, you should fix that first before doing anything with Cloudflare.


everything works except the contact forms. Once they are filled in and submitted, the visitor will not get a confirmation message - although I can see a confirmation on my email.

Thank you!


I’d pause Cloudflare for now and check if everything works fine if you are connecting directly to your server.

Also, what’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

Hello again!

I don’t think I can disable Cloudflare because I believe (I may have misunderstood) that the only think that links my domain to my website is Cloudflare.

I am on flexible as of now, with SSL enabled.

Thank you Sandro!

You can pause Cloudflare at the bottom right of your Overview screen.

Also, you should not have Flexible as that is insecure. That should be Full strict. That’s most likely the reason for the error.

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