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Hello Community.

When I try to send message thought contact form of prestashop 1.7 it makes error:

But if I send message again, second try is ok and it sends.

Even though it sends, I never receive email on my inbox, I can only read this on backoffice prestashop.

Do you know how can I solve this? Thanks in advanced.

Hello Commnunity.

When I activate debug mode on prestashop 1.7 it makes front end smarty bug and I can’t navigate throught online shop.

Do you know how can I activate debug on PrestaShop 1.7?

Thanks and regards.

Hi @manuelespejohernando,

What makes you think the issues you are having are related to Cloudflare?

For the mail part, I’d suggest you check your DNS records for mail, and follow the instructions from your mail provider on how to set them up.

This Tutorial by @domjh may also help you:

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Hello community:

I enclosed one screenshot from my DNS records:

This is contact form: Contacte con nosotros

What do I have to change?

Thanks and regards

Let me repeat the question

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I see no errors in my browser’s console log. It looks strictly internal to your website. You need to check your server’s logs.

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Dear Community.

I have installed HSTS module in my PrestaShop 1.7.

If I am using Cloudflare… Do I have to desactivate this module??

Thanks and regards

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