Contact form not working?

Hi all.

Since I use Cloudflare for my own websites, I notice that the contact forms no longer send. It just redirects to my homepage with no confirmation at all. Now I have tested this on two websites with different builders, and I notice that the problem is present on both websites that I use Cloudflare on.

Does anyone know how and what I have to do to get the contact forms working? I’m almost assuming this is due to a setting in cloudflare as I’ve never had this problem until using cloudflare.

Can you provide a link to a form for testing?

I got Oops! Er is iets fout gegaan.

This might have something to do with jQuery missing

Also the ajaxUrl in data-options is which doesn’t appear correct.

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How can I fix this?

According to you’re experts at designing and developing WordPress websites, so I would think you could figure out how to fix it.


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Well, on this end i’d appreciate some help. Never worked with Cloudflare on my website. Hope someone could’ve assist

The error, as per screenshot above, in a specific cached minified file in which jQuery is not defined. Possibly the minification of this file is causing the issue.

Pause Cloudflare and test. If it works, then definitely it is a Cloudflare issue. Have you enabled Auto Minify? Why if you turn this off?

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