Contact form not sending since installing Cloudflare

Hello for some unknown reason to me I cannot receive submissions through my contact form since adding Cloudflare to my website. I checked the MX records and everything appears to correct? Any ideas as to why this might be occurring? I thank you in advance.

Can you check on your backend whether posts are actually received? There are at least three places where things can go wrong:

  • Between the visitor and the website. Potential cause: Mixed content that prevents Javascript from being loaded, a page loading from HTTPS while it tries to include HTTP.
  • On the backend of the website. Potential causes: failure to send send email.
  • Mail server: rejects mail, wrong mail server.

Since you mentioned MX, I am going to assume that you are using email instead of a database for your contact form. By enabling Cloudflare for your website, the A and AAAA records change to Cloudflare IP addresses. If your domain is, and your MX record points to, then be sure that is grey-clouded. See Case 2 of

If that is already the case, then check whether mail was disallowed, for example due to a restrictive SPF policy.

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