Contact form google recaptcha not working

hello, the contact form with recaptcha worked well before I added my site to Cloudflare …

now I get an error message saying:

ReCAPTCHA couldn’t find user-provided function: verifyRecaptchaCallback

has anyone had the same issue ? is it something where I have to allow access to google or
my website is
thank you for your help !!

Everything seems fine. Try clearing your browsers cache.

Yes but you cant submit the form, also if you like it look in the console when you validate the captcha thats when the error message appears thank you

There are plenty of JavaScript errors on your site, but thats not a Cloudflare issue, its the same when loading the site directly from your 66.x.x.x server. You need to debug your site and fix whatever needs fixing.

I fixed the javascript and it worked thank you very much!

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