Contact Form 7 Not Working

I can’t say when exactly, but our contact form that used to work stopped working for us. We still get email to our domain otherwise, so it must have to do with something on the website. Here’s the page:

One other note, we installed a plugin to catch submissions and that works, so we are halfway there, but the email never gets sent.


If you login to cloudflare and from the overview screen select pause cloudflare from the lower right, do you see a different behavior?

I quickly disabled it and did a submission and nothing came through. Any ideas? I suppose this means it’s not cloudflare causing the issue - would there be any other thing I would have to change to make sure it’s off?

If cloudflare is paused and you’re still not receiving the emails, it points to a non-cloudflare issue. I’d start with the basics to troubleshoot. Some ideas:

  1. Verify the email address is valid and receives emails by manually sending to the address from another account.
  2. Identify the last email you received from the form
  3. Verify the emails are not routed to spam/junk
  4. Check your change log/notes/tickets (however you track changes) to see what change was made to the form after the last valid email was received by the account

I did a quick search here for contact us form not working cloudflare form 7 and a number of replies mention changing settings that don’t apply to you, but it may be worth scanning the results for ideas that do apply to your site,

Edit - I’ve not used form 7, but this write-up has great background,

Thanks for the tips. I’d done many of those, but with your help I ruled out cloudflare (thanks for that) and finally looked at our hosting configuration to see that the server was not configured properly to send email. In the process of resolving that. We use Cloudways. I know the email worked at some point in time, so this is strange, but nonetheless, I think we can close this.

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