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Hi there,
Is there a contact email to Cloudfare?

What is it you need? There’s [email protected] if you need help with upper level plans, and there’s [email protected] if you already have a paid plan. There’s also [email protected] for Trust & Safety concerns.

Thanks for your answer!

I’d like to use “” domain, but it’s already taken. I checked it on “whois” website and it says that: “IP location: California-San-José Cloudfare.Inc.” Does it mean that Cloudfare is the owner of the domain?

That domain is using Cloudflare name servers, but registered at GoDaddy. No, Cloudflare does not own that domain.

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Do you have any idea, how can I find the owner of the domain?

Try the Registrant Contact listed here:

Good luck!

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Hi Sdayman,

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:


? For this you created a post

Probably because this issue was resolved and closed out:

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Haha, yes, Sdayman you gave me a great help, and I could not say thank you because they closed the post. But I’m really greatful and wanted to express it! :slight_smile:

Have a lovely day! :slight_smile: