Contact change not working

tried to update the contact email of one of my domains, but i never received the email. Cloudflare support reset the COR status once already so i could start over, but i still never got the email. anyone else run into this same issue before?

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Hi @gnowxilef,

Is that COR Registrar ticket still open?
Could you provide that ticket number if it is still open?

If that ticket is already closed, please open a new ticket with the affected email details.
Kindly provide the ticket number here for Support to investigate further.

Thank you.

ticket # 2754681

Hi @gnowxilef,

Ticket 2754681 is closed, and is pretty dated.

Please open a new ticket.
Also, I have sent an email to you.

Please advise the status of the emails if you get them, in the new ticket.
Kindly post the new ticket number in this thread.

Thank you.

new ticket # 2790075

test emails were receieved and responded to.

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