Contact and review forms are not working

When you fill up the contact form or review form on our website ( it shows that it has been sent, but we do not receive anything (we receive some, but some disappear somewhere, I think its connected with cache). Also, looks like the forms are working from the mobiles, but not from PC, but it works on mine fine. Also, if you fill up the forms once, nothing happens, but when you fill the forms again, it works. Strange and would like to have some help with this. Thank you.

Hi @underdogproject,

Can you check if they work as expected if you enable Development Mode?

That will confirm or rule out a caching issue.

Hi. The forms are working, but not all the requests are received.
Also, I put my customers reviews on my website filling up the review form and after I accept a review, it dont show up on the main page, but when enabled Development mode, it showed up. So it means there is some problem with cashing, as not all new changes are displayed. What could be the cause? Thank you for your help so far

Do you have a Cache Everything rule under Rules → Page Rules? If so, that is probably the cause.

I dont have any page rules, except this one - Edge Cache TTL: 2 hours . I made it, as I read in some blogs, it might help.
Still receiving some requests, but still some clients are calling and saying they have filled up the form, but we have not received anything. Quite annoying

It was not connected with cache, it was some strange rule in main folder, that block some of the incoming requests…the rule removed and all is good. Thank you.

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