Constantly getting EAI AGAIN from cloudflare's DNS service

I have registered number of domains on cloudflare but weirdly enough I have recently started getting frequent EAI AGAIN error on random server when I try to send HTTP request to one of registered domains.

My hunch is that the issue is related to cloudflare itself, any help is greatly appreciated.

Based on?

EAI_AGAIN appears to be a system error in the context of a failed DNS resolution. That rather points to whatever system resolver you have configured on your system than Cloudflare.

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I think it’s cloudflare because we’re using cloudflare’s DNS service for all our game servers, and I have registered cloudflare’s DNS servers in admin panel of my domain provider too.
So I think that cloudflare should be responsible for all domain name resolution, right ?

Are you saying you are using as a system resolver on these machines?

For me the host in question appears to resolve just fine

$ dig A +short

I don’t think it’s I have added the namespace servers (that cloudfare gave me under DNS section) in the admin panel of my domain provider.

yeah it happens for very small amount of time, like it will have EAI_AGAIN error for one server and in next request it will work just fine.

Well, then what else should it be in regard to Cloudflare? Are you suggesting it is the authoritative nameservers? That is relatively unlikely.

Your issue is most likely a local one, possibly with the network or with the locally configured resolver.

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