Constant Required Captchas for every single website accessed

Hello CloudFare community!
I was told to post here after contacting multiple websites supports who use Cloudfare. For the past month or so, I have to complete 5-6 captchas, or cannot at all access the sites im trying to access. The thing is, a month ago, I could easily access the websites with one click, and no captchas. I cleared my google chrome cache, and even reinstalled the entire browser, with no luck. Im frustrated because I literally have to spend two to three minutes completing captchas before I can access a site I used to be able to access with one click.

I am not running a VPN, or any anti - Virus software that might throw off cloudfares security. Its also not a problem with my IP, because I can access these sites on my laptop and phone just fine, but once im on my desktop, I cannot access certain sites, or cannot get into a cite without completing three or four captchas.


It’s very annoying. I’m getting this too, but unlike you I must use a VPN because hCaptcha doesn’t even load without a VPN. I have to keep switching a VPN on and off every time.

I get captchas on so many websites using Cloudflare, including Cloudflare itself, especially the Cloudflare Dashboard.