Constant outages over last 12 hours

I am not getting much help from support… our site has been bouncing for several minutes at a time for more then 12 hours now.

I have opened a support ticket but it is taking far too long to respond to a business critical issue.

Basically we are getting hammered with notices from Pingdom and user complaints, and when we try to get to the site we get either time outs on the connection or cloudflare error pages.

The error occurs when you try to access the site - it doesn’t load.

Can someone from Cloudflare please help?

The type of issues you mention are usually origin server issues, either ip blocks, performance issues with certain functions, etc. The site loads fine for me sometimes and sometimes a 504. Judging from the 504 screen, it’s an issue with the origin, a cloudflare screen would be black & white like shown in the tip.

Some resources to help:

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