Constant interface errors with Teams Admin

I have posted a few times about interface errors, but its just getting worse. I have the following errors:

  1. Create a new policy, instantly get a error saying “Error: Failed to get Information” when saving. When you try and save again, it says a policy with the name already exists, so it did save, going back to the main menu and 5 mins later the policy is there
  2. If I delete a policy, it takes about 5 mins to disappear from the interface, and always errors when deleting - Invalid Rule ID
  3. If I update a policy it takes about 5 mins to update in the interface
  4. Device Enrolment management won’t save - this is a new one, all of a sudden my authorised emails are being denied, changed the policy says its saved but its not actually saving.

Teams works for our small but growing team, however given the flakey admin, im not sure I can trust what im seeing. Don’t know if its just my account or a general teams thing but it seems to be getting worse. Time to look for an alternative?


Hey @hdsnf723,

I am seeing the same on my end. I have called a couple of the responsible folks.

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This has been ongoing for about 6 months on my account, not sure where to go to replace. Kind of puts me off buying standard to get the extra features, as if the the same with that will be money down the drain.

Have you had this recently or for a while @matteo ?

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It’s been going on for days, but can’t go back further as I wasn’t using the Teams dash in the past weeks.

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