Constant Contact DMARC authentication

Following instructions at Constant Contact, we created to CNAME records for DMARC self-authentication. Cloudflare truncates the names and Constant Contact says it cannot find the appropriate records. We made these are not Proxied.
Constant contact wants
Cloudflare truncates the name to ctct1._domainkey

When checking on constant contact side it says it cannot find ctct1 or ctct2 records.

Any ideas?

This part is perfectly fine, - whether you type the label (e.g. ctct1._domainkey) alone, or the full name will accomplish the same.

You said it was a CNAME, -

Set the Proxy status for the CNAME to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

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You indicated that you already made sure that the CNAMEs are set to :grey: DNS Only, so there isn’t much left for anyone to suggest without knowing your real domain name.

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