Constant Contact CNAME Propagation

I have created cname records and set them to gray DNS Only but they are not propagating after 15 hours These are 2 cname records required by Constant Contact:

Host name:


Host name:


Thanks in advance.

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You will need to share your real domain name for anyone here to be ae to offer you any meaningful answers.

If you prefer to not reveal the domain name, you may want to use this tool to test further on your own. You can use the advanced options to specify the DKIM selectors you would like to check.

OK thanks for the reply…

Replace with

At this point I an just using tools like to list cname records but it does not find any.

Both are working fine for me. The queries were made to Cloudflare’s resolver.

% dig cname +short
% dig cname +short                                  

Thanks for checking.
Still when I use any of the online DNS query tools the CNAME records are not found.

What am I missing?

That is hard to say without observing your testing methodology.

Google’s web DNS tool also shows the expected answers.

Maybe a propagation delay? When I use that tool I get Record not found! The other records MX, A etc are found and correct.

That shouldn’t be possible since I used it and it found it.

Don’t get too bogged down by the propagation myth. It is a word that is used to avoid having to explain DNS TTL to people that probably don’t want to know about it anyway.

That said, it’s hard to know why some third-party site is providing a particular response without seeing it. Even then, it may not be enough.

I am unable to reproduce the symptom that you describe, so I don’t have any further advice.

You can see that the specified DKIM selectors are being returned properly.

OK I appreciate your time and expertise. As long as the records are working its all good. Constant Contact keeps notifying us that the records aren’t there. Hopefully it’s good now.

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It might just take time. I have seen at least one such check cache the negative results and the only thing that could be done was to wait for it to age out. As a result of that particular check, I always do my own testing now before starting the one at the vendor.

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