Constant 5xx errors


since some weeks we are getting constant 520, 522, 524 errors. After some reloading it works. When CF is turned off, the errors are gone. In recent week the errors went through the roof (nearly 1 in 10 requests)

We already checked all tutorials here and troubleshooting guides. On hosting sides everything is good. We checked all logs. Nothing indicates a problem on this side. Also we proxy usually through Ezoic which is known to cause 520 errors.

Even after deactivating Ezoic we keep getting 520 errors. So we can provide cdn-cgi/trace and HAR files here and Cloudflare Ray ID if this helps to find the rootcause of the incidents.

Currently we are left quite clueless. Also we see in Cloudflare Status Page that this topic of 5xx errors is open since some days. Just ping us when you need a good test case to see whether you want a proof that the problem is fixed.


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