Constant 502, 522. Multiple sites on same VPS. Only one having issue with one domain

I have recently consolidated a few accounts I own to a pretty decent VPS.

I am hosting 5 sites on this VPS as of right now. All of them have Cloudflare enabled.

One site, is constantly getting 502, 522 errors and it’s seemingly random. I have racked my brain for days trying to understand the problem.

I have spent a good amount of time getting the site to run fast, cache properly, etc. .htaccess doesn’t block anything. I have whitelisted all the Cloudflare ips and it runs great and after a few hours I go to check on it and I get a 522 or 502.

I log in to the server I don’t see any load issues. I look at the firewall log and I don’t see anything Cloudflare getting blocked but I even went as far as disabling the firewall to verify.

When I bypass Cloudflare with the cloud button from the settings I get ssl error but the site loads every time.

No issues as far as I can tell.

As soon as I enable it again, it seems fine but once again I head to the site and I get the same errors.

My other domains are fine with Cloudflare. I don’t have drops or errors or anything at all.

So please I am getting so frustrated haha I am admittedly a bit of a noob with the VPS but I am pretty familiar with cpanel/shared hosting. is my other domain, never have a single problem.

Thank you so much!

Please let me know if there is anything you can recommend, or anything you would like to see to help.

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