Consistent Dashboard Error 1006 when activating Universal SSL

Hey there.

I’m attempting to activate Universal SSL on an ~8 year old zone that is currently on a free plan. When I try to activate Universal SSL I am consistently receiving Error Code 1006.

I can reliably reproduce this just as here, and there is no user-facing resolution to this. The steps in a subsequent thread regarding the same issue did not resolve the problem.

I’ve encountered this problem before and it required intervention from Cloudflare to fix. I’m creating this post so that I can get some assistance.

I attempted to create a ticket, but that option seems to have been totally removed. The only option I had from within the Dashboard’s support screen was to create a forum post.

I was able to create ticket #3285552 for this issue.

If I could get a Cloudflare employee’s assistance, that would be fantastic. Thank you!

What is the name of the site?

Hey @cloonan! You were the one who helped escalate the other time I had this error. I hope all has been well with you.

Sorry, I thought that had been attached to the ticket automatically. Is it workable to share the Zone ID instead, so none of us have to remember to redact the domain? If so, that is Zone ID 608cda82759e342ef394bcfb1b59a02f under the account I filed the ticket for. Otherwise let me know and I’ll provide the literal domain.

Thank you!

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It was, sorry missed it on first pass. It’s ticket 3285552 and I will flag that for my colleagues.

Sorry for the recurring trouble with that 1006


I updated you in the ticket, but I wanted to let you know here too, you should be able to enable it now.


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